Adelaide Connected Event – The Digital Health Tech system in SA

Join us for our latest Adelaide Connected networking event, upstairs at the Strathmore Hotel, on Tuesday 12th April. You’ll hear from our panel about their thoughts on the current digital health tech space and what we can do to revolutionise digital technology here in South Australia. Our panel guests include: Dr Terry Sweeney (Arrow) – […]

Adelaide Connected Networking Event – June 2021 (Stone & Chalk)

Our latest Adelaide Connected networking event was held at Stone & Chalk, the co-working start-up hub at Lot Fourteen, featuring Dan Ryan who is the Community Manager at Stone & Chalk. Dan gave an overview of Lot Fourteen and spoke about his journey working around the world and here in Adelaide. It is exciting to […]

Adelaide Connected Networking event – April 2021 (Eos by Skycity)

We were lucky enough to have our latest Adelaide Connected event held at the spectacular EOS by Skycity. We heard from Jodi Brown, General Manager at Eos, about her time abroad in various countries and cities and how these experiences led to her dream role right here in Adelaide. It was another great turnout so […]

Adelaide Connected networking event – February 2021 (Strathmore Hotel)

Thank you very much for attending our Adelaide Connected Networking Event on Wednesday 17 February at the Strathmore Hotel. Our panel discussion set the tone for the evening where we heard from Annabel Stacy, Michelle Howie and Kārlis Antons on their experience abroad and their insights since moving (back) to South Australia. We will be […]

Adelaide Connected networking event – December 2020 (Sparkke at the Whitmore)

After delays due to COVID, it was great to hold our first Adelaide Connected networking event for the year with South Australian expats and skilled migrants who are helping drive the “brain gain” that Adelaide is experiencing. Led by our guest speaker Serafina Maiorano, who used to head up Advance and has recently returned from New York, this […]