The Adelaide Connected podcast series is aimed at sharing with listeners an insight in to the experiences of people who have lived abroad and why they have chosen Adelaide to live and work.

Hosts, Naomi Marsh and Ali Chatburn speak with ‘Boomerangs’ and ‘Arrows’ from various industries who are now based in Adelaide, South Australia. We hear about their time abroad and delve into key topics about their move to Adelaide, how important networking is, how we attract key talent, and how our state fares on a global scale.

It’s a combination of the guests, the host and the topics explored which makes this podcast informative for people who are new to Adelaide or are considering a move here.

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Mini Episode - What is Adelaide Connected?

This Mini Episode is a five minute overview to explain what the Adelaide Connected program is, what a ‘Boomerang’ and an ‘Arrow’ are, and what we do to connect people with other likeminded individuals once they move here.

Adelaide Connected Podcast Season 3 Preview.