June 7, 2024

Adelaide Connected Podcast – Season 3 Episode 17 Arka Ghosh

Episode 17 of the Adelaide Connected Podcast features Arka Ghosh, Digital Assets Leader at Beca.

With a Master of Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Arka moved from India to Australia in 2019. He originally settled in Geelong where he studied a Ph.D in Construction Management and was awarded as a finalist for innovative breakthrough and impactful research. In 2022, Arka secured a role as Digital Assets Leader for Beca and moved to Adelaide in 2023. We chat to Arka about his reasons for moving to Adelaide, the lifestyle benefits of living in the CBD, including the events and the iconic Adelaide Central Market, and how Adelaide compares to other cities.

To listen or watch this episode visit Spotify or listen on Apple Podcasts.

Episodes are released every Wednesday and feature hosts Naomi Marsh and Ali Chatburn interviewing amazing Arrows* or Boomerangs* that have lived and worked around the world and now call South Australia home.

*Arrow – someone that is not originally from South Australia, but now lives and works here.
*Boomerang – someone that is originally from South Australia, has lived interstate or abroad and returned.

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